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Hang Gliding Flights

From $149 to $269

Pricing varies based on altitude

We offer 3 different tandem flight options based on altitude. See Flight Packages listed below. Before all flights, safety checks are performed on all aircraft and related equipment as your safety is our #1 priority. Florida does not have mountains to foot launch from, so the only way to get in the air is from aerotowing. We use Dragonfly planes to tow the glider to your requested altitude and at this point, the instructor releases the glider from the plane, and you begin to soar freely...just like the birds.

Hang Gliding Flight Packages

Introductory Tandem Hang Gliding Flights With Instructor- 3 Options Based on Altitude

The Smoothie

2500 Feet


The Screamer

3500 Feet


The Mile High Club

5280 Feet


In-Flight Video Package

Personal cameras, phones and video cameras are not permitted on any flight,

but we offer an In-Flight Video Package to secure your bragging rights!

Capture Your Flight

Share Your Experience with Family & Friends

39 for GoPro video saved to microSD/SD card


What are the office hours for Paradise Airsports?

We are open Thursday - Monday from 9 am to 5 pm. We are closed on Tuesday & Wednesday. Other hours are available by appointment only.

Is a deposit required to book a flight with Paradise Airsports?

Every flight booked will be charged a $50 booking fee. You will receive an invoice to pay via text or email and may use a credit card to pay the booking fee. Failure to pay the booking fee will forfeit your booked flight time. After 25 minutes, the invoice is no longer valid. The $50 per flight booking fee will be taken off the final sales total at checkout for your scheduled flight. You can choose to use the booking fee towards the final flight total, tipping the pilots and ground crew, towards a t-shirt, upgrading your flight, or a video. Failure to show up on time for the flight time will forfeit your booking fee (no refunds).

Are gift certificates available to purchase?

Yes. We do offer gift certificates. Email or call us to purchase one today!

Can I just stop by Paradise Airsports to watch or find out more about the flights?

If you choose to stop by, we recommend you call #352-429-0210 to check availability, flight times and see spectating hours for flying. All on-property guests (flying or spectating) may be asked to sign a park waiver. You may be asked to leave the premises if you fail to sign a waiver. Everyone on the park property mush check-in at office and call #352-429-0210 if no one is in the office at that time.

What happens if the weather is bad for my scheduled flight time?

We are a weather and wind dependent technical sport and even what seems like a beautiful, sunny day can be unsafe for hang gliding. Please call ahead of your reserved flight time to verify optimum flying conditions for a fun and safe flight. When you take a flight with one of our certified instructors or pilots, you can rest assured that your safety is our #1 priority.

Is there a weight limit for tandem flights?

We cannot fly tandem flights with anyone weighing over 250 lbs due to safety reasons. We will weigh you in the office for the exact weight before the flight.

Can I take a video of my tandem flight?

Personal cameras, phones and video cameras are NOT PERMITTED on any flight, but we offer an IN-FLIGHT VIDEO PACKAGE using our GoPro for only $39. You are purchasing the microSD/SD card from our GoPro which captured your flight so you can share your experience with family and friends...documented bragging rights! When you call to reserve your flight, just ask our staff to add-on this awesome package.

What are the safety precautions for Tandem Hang Gliding flights?

Tandem hang gliding flights are safe due to the following safety protocols:

1. Professional Instruction: Tandem hang gliding flights are conducted under the supervision of experienced and certified instructors who have undergone extensive training in safety procedures and flying techniques. These instructors ensure that all safety protocols are followed and provide guidance to passengers throughout the flight.

2. Dual Control Systems: Tandem hang gliders are equipped with dual control systems, allowing both the pilot and the passenger to have control over the glider. This redundancy ensures that there is always a backup in case one control system fails or if the pilot needs to take over control from the passenger.

3. Safety Equipment: Passengers are provided with safety equipment such as helmets and harnesses, which are designed to protect them. Additionally, tandem hang gliders are equipped with reserve parachutes that can be deployed in case of an emergency.

4. Weather Conditions: Tandem hang gliding flights are typically conducted in favorable weather conditions, with clear skies, light winds, and stable atmospheric conditions. Pilots are trained to assess weather forecasts and make informed decisions about whether it is safe to fly.

5. Pre-flight Briefings: Before each tandem flight, instructors provide passengers with thorough pre-flight briefings, covering topics such as safety procedures, flying techniques, and what to expect during the flight. This helps passengers feel more confident and prepared for their experience in the air.

6. Regular Maintenance: Tandem hang gliders undergo regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that they are in optimal condition for flight. This includes checking for any signs of wear and tear, as well as ensuring that all components are functioning properly.

At Paradise Airsports, safety is our #1 priority. Our certified instructors follow all of the safety protocols to ensure a safe and fun flight.

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